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Unable to poll data from NCM 7.2 to EOC 1.3


Users will be unable to pull data from NCM to EOC when running EOC 1.3 and NCM 7.2 on the same or different servers, and users will not be able to directly add NCM servers to EOC.


  • EOC v1.3
  • NCM v7.2


The issue is related to the NCM Integration Endpoint, which is still needed by EOC 1.3. Newer versions of EOC (1.4 and above) are able to retrieve the data via the SolarWinds Information Service (SWIS). However, with EOC 1.3, the NCM Integration Endpoint is needed.


Upgrade EOC to version 1.4 or higher.


No issues have been seen with the following scenarios:
1. NCM 7.2 and EOC 1.4
2. NCM 7.1 and EOC 1.3

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