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Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 7.2 HotFix 1

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Nov 14, 2017

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SolarWinds Orion Network Configuration Manager version 7.2 Hotfix 1

WARNING: This hotfix requires Orion NCM version 7.2 installed on one server in an integrated deployment with NPM installed on a separate server. DO NOT INSTALL THIS HOTFIX IN ANY OTHER DEPLOYMENT TYPE.

Hotfix 1 fixes a problem related to using the Start Job option from the Orion Web Console when NCM is deployed in an integrated setup with separate servers for NCM and the NPM.

The fix modifies software on both the NPM and NCM servers with the overall result that the Orion Module Engine service on the NCM server functions as intended, waiting for local SWIS to perform its work.


NCM version 7.2 


A manual workaround for this issue would be, on the NCM server, to wait until SWIS service starts and then manually restart the Orion Module Engine.

Extract the contents in this zip archive into a directory on the NPM and on the NCM server.

NPM Server

To install the fix for the NPM server:

1. Open the extracted folder called OrionServerFix.
2. Open the folder where the Orion website in installed (by default, it is C:\inetpub\solarwinds).
3. Open the subfolder "\Orion\NCM\Services\".
4. Overwrite the file JobManagement.asmx in the subfolder with the version in the extracted folder (OrionServerFix).

NCM Server

To install the fix for the NCM Server:

1. Open the extracted folder called NCMServerFix.
2. Stop all SolarWinds Orion services (Administrative Tasks > Services).
3. Open the folder where the NCM is installed (by default, it is C\:Program files\solarwinds\orion).
4. Overwrite the file SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Common.dll with the version in the extracted folder (NCMServerFix).

To Uninstall this hotfix:


Run the Orion Configuration Wizard and select Website. Follow the prompts until you reach Finish.


1. Navigate to Programs and Features (Control Panel).
2. Select Orion Core Services and select Repair.


You can download this and other SolarWinds hotfixes from the Customer Portal

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