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DPA 9.1 Release Notes

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Updated March 10, 2015

These release notes provide guidance for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 9.1.

New features and improvements

SolarWinds DPA 9.1 includes the following new features and improvements:

Instance-based licensing
All SolarWinds DPA 9.1 licenses are now instance-based licenses. If you have Oracle®, Sybase®, or IBM DB2® core-based licenses from an older version of SolarWinds DPA, we have granted you new instance-based licenses for SolarWinds DPA 9.1. You can find these new instance-based licenses in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.
Ability to deploy SolarWinds DPA in Amazon EC2®.
You can deploy SolarWinds DPA in Amazon EC2 directly from the AWS® Marketplace.
Support for monitoring Amazon RDS™ instances.
Register Amazon RDS Oracle and Amazon RDS Microsoft SQL Server® database instances for monitoring.
Ability to add time-stamped annotations to Trend charts.
Click Annotate on a Trends chart to add time-stamped annotations. Now you can note your tuning queries, index modifications, and other actions to better track their effects on your database performance. See all your annotations in the Annotations page in Administration options.
Ability to exclude SQL statements from the Trend chart.
Click Exclude SQL Statement on a Trends chart to hide troublesome SQL statements and declutter your view.
Predicate information for Oracle explain plans.
Oracle explain plans for SQL statements now include Access and Filter predicates if any are found. Predicates are available for any new Oracle plans you collect in SolarWinds DPA 9.1.

Fixed issues

Fix Issue ID
The validation check for invalid characters in text fields has been fixed. Report names, alert names, contact names, and contact emails now strictly enforce character validation. Valid characters are letters, numbers, spaces, underscores, periods, forward slashes, and single dashes. 779215
I/O statistic polling is now automatically disabled on Microsoft SQL and Oracle instances that have more data files than allowed by the IO_STATS_POLL_FILE_LIMIT. 379605
Memory/CPU wait events that have a file associated with them are now correctly classified as Memory/CPU waits instead of file waits. 383862
If you have a misconfigured mail server, the Mail Server Configuration page now warns you that it does not work. 389095
Previously, the white lines in graphs sometimes made it appear as if data was missing. Their size and thickness is no adjusted, depending on how many items we show on the graph. 375515
The Database Instances box is now correctly aligned when listing more than 100 instances. 390686
The "dbtype" element that was removed in DPA 9.0 has been restored. The "dbtype" element describes which databases are supported by a given parameter. For example: DB2_MONITOR_SINGLE_DB_DEFAULT -> dbtype="DB2" 383448
Queries using the "delta" custom metric type now run correctly without having to restart DPA. 393556
You can now register SQL Server instances with collation set to Chinese_Hong_Kong_Stroke_90_CI_AS (Chinese - Hong Kong SAR character set). 367211

The mass registration feature now works correctly.

  • The Repository Tablespace field is no longer required if the repository type is SQL Server.
  • The Port field is no longer required if registering a named SQL server instance.
  • Passwords are now written as ***** in the mass registration log.
The Resources view now correctly shows time range selections longer than 1 month. 394462
The Trends, Current, and Resources tabs no longer disappear when you click the Storage I/O tab after registering a new database instance. 378249
MSSQL servers can now run live plans with parameterized binary and varbinary values. 375206
The plan poll no longer crashes the monitor if it detects a SQL Server that has a "single user" mode database with wait events. 389502
Fixed the graphic glitch that listed all the possible days on the Day drop down if you chose a custom time interval and then expanded a timeslice on the Timeslice tab. 400122
Fixed excessive "IO Stats collection gap" warnings by temporarily placing files on the blacklist if a query runs without returning statistics for all the files in the query. Items remain on the blacklist until there are 5 minutes worth of consistent results. 397102
The help links in the Repository Creation wizard now go to the correct product help files. 400775

Known issues

Issue Workaround
Unable to register more than 20 instances after upgrading to DPA from IgniteFree Delete a row from the CONLIC table.
You can enter an Oracle 10 or 11 password that is longer than the maximum 30 characters, resulting in a flow exception or wizard failure. Do not enter more than 30 characters for the password.
Step 1 of the Register Instance Wizard lets you go to the next step without selecting a database type. Select a database type before you click Next.
The alarm metric alert emails can have URLs with broken links caused by space characters in the URL. Copy and paste the full URL into the browser instead of clicking the partial link.
The gen3.log is not listed in the local log drop down menu. Type gen3.log file into the log file field to access it.
The Mass DB Instance Registration Wizard lets you skip entering the repository tablespace for an Oracle database. Always enter the repository tablespace for Oracle database instances.
If an Oracle database does not have UTL_CON, there is an ORA-24450 error when you try to register it. Run the unencrypted and uncompiled utl_con.pkg on your Oracle database instead of utl_con.plb.
If you are not an administrator when installing DPA, the User Account Control warning applies to all operating systems, not just those listed in the dialog box. Run the installer as administrator regardless of your operating system.
It is possible to activate an expired license key if the maintenance expiration date is later than the release date of DPA 9.1. However, the licenses are unusable. Do not attempt to activate expired license keys.


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