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DPA 9.0.150 Release Notes

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Aug 01, 2016

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Updated December 3, 2014

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer 9.0.150.

New features and improvements

SolarWinds DPA 9.0 includes the following new features and improvements:

Additional database support

We expanded our supported database versions to cover IBM DB2 10.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, and single-tenant Oracle 12c.

New views

We added a new view: Storage I/O. See the effects of storage latency and throughput performance on SQL response time. You can monitor and correlate both current and historic data.

Analyze SQL query and get performance advice

You can now analyze individual SQL queries from the SQL tab and receive advice regarding what you can do to optimize your queries.

Files and Drives tabs for Microsoft SQL Server

We added Files and Drives tabs to Microsoft SQL Server instances. These tabs work the same way they do for Oracle instances. Requires Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 or later.

Alerting improvements

  • You can now create alerts based on resource metrics such as CPU utilization, memory usage, and others.
  • Specify blackout periods for alerts on the new Alert Blackouts tab.

Baselines for resource charts in the Trends view

Resource metric charts now have a Show Baseline option if viewing a time slice of 24 hours or less. The shaded area of the baseline represents the normal range and the dark line represents the average. Resources have to be monitored for at least 24 hours before a baseline can be calculated for it.

Other improvements

  • The Custom Resource Metrics list now includes a Category column.
  • Hovering over an LDAP group name on the User Administration pages now displays the FQDN as a tooltip. This is to help you distinguish between LDAP groups with the same name.
  • User and group searches in very large Active Directory environments are now faster.
  • Database search parameters are now supported for Total SQL Wait Time - Custom for DB2 and for SQL Server/Sybase.
  • SQL Server statistics now include "rows processed" for SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 and later.
  • We added a DISABLE_BLOCKED_SESSIONS_QUERY_ORA10ANDUP option to let you disable the Blocked Sessions count if you are having problems getting accurate block session counts from Oracle 10 and later.
  • Some charts that were hard coded to only show Top 20 entries can now be customized to show as many entries as you like. The default value is 15.
  • We added OpenLDAP support.
  • Improved the speed of the Top SQL report on the main page.
  • You can now set notification policies on alerts directly from the UI in the alert create/edit page.

Fixed issues

Fixed issues in DPA 9.0.150

Issue ID
The global setting IO_STATS_POLL_ENABLED now works correctly. In the previous service release, you could set it to FALSE, but it was ignored. 388785

Fixed issues in DPA 9.0.149

Issue ID
Restored query and table scans to sub-second response times by fixing a performance issue in the Oracle 11g JDBC driver. 378901
Fixed a performance issue that affected DPA deployments with 100+ monitored database instances or with the DPA repository on the same server as SolarWinds DPA itself. 381809
Fixed an issue in collecting Oracle I/O statistics in environments with many dropped and recreated files. 384202
The Proceed with Upgrade button now works correctly. 384979
SSL support for SQL Server has been restored. 385228

Fixed issues in DPA 9.0.1

Issue ID
Fixed an issue where DPA couldn't read the license store if any temporary license keys or release candidate license keys expired in an offline environment. 369230

Fixed issues in DPA 9.0

Issue ID
Timeouts in the SQL Stats polling no longer artificially inflate the values of the collected statistics. Instead, the values are set to 0. 5690
Log messages regarding the Repository not starting are now generated once per hour instead of every 10 seconds. 7017
Registering an Oracle RAC database should now automatically group RAC instances into an Oracle RAC group. 7022
SQL Stats can now handle database IDs greater than 999. 7025
Fixed the issue creating DuplicateKeyException events in the log every time the SQL Server Ineffective Statistics alert was run 7046
Users who are members of a large number of LDAP groups can now log on to DPA Central without a "400 - Bad Request" error. 7145
Reports by week now correctly show data for locales with weeks that start on Monday. 7178
DB2 databases no longer incorrectly appear in the Total blocking Wait Time alert 7345
The Active Sessions for DB2 databases in the Real Time Sessions no longer shows duplicate Agent IDs. 7365
Fixed an issue with Single Sign On (SSO) that prevented it from working for Active Directory users belonging to many groups. . 7376
The "Include SQL Text" option no longer disappears from the Email report Group dialog. 7455
Fixed an issue that prevented us from getting either live or historical plans if the schema name contained a dash. 7471
Changing the UUID of an ESX Host now updates the host's record if we can identify the host by its name and managed object ID. 7477
Dashboard charts now correctly show dates on non-English locales. 7636
If server clocks jumps forward, this event should no longer generate ConcurrentModificationException errors. 7668
Oracle EXADATA and RAC queries now work correctly if more than one row is returned. 7696
Fixed an issue where the CON_STATS_DAY_SUM_X tables didn't populate fully if there were gaps in the summary data of other tables. 7699
Fixed an issue where the CON_STATS_DAY_SUM_X tables didn't get cleaned in Oracle. 7700
DPA Central now correctly reports "The DPA Repository is not currently accessible" instead of mistakenly reporting "Missing LDAP information". 7797
DPA Central no longer creates InvalidKeyException errors. 7798
Custom Time Intervals on non-US locales no longer creates "ParseException: Unparseable date" errors. 7802
Fixed a conversion error that could cause an Oracle monitor to not start up. 7804
Downloading a SQL Server Live Plan now correctly encodes any greater than and less than signs in the SQL. 7805
The Alert Status Details window no longer displays "Data Error" for the Current Alert Value of the Oracle Long Running Transaction Alert. 7806
Improved the visibility of the error message given if you attempt to create a repository with an invalid Windows user. 7828
The change password screen now correctly rejects invalid characters. 7833
SQL Server Alerts now correctly use the minimum number of rows value. 7851
SQL Server real time sessions now correctly show 0 for sessions with a sql_handle of 0. 7893
Highest Wait Time dashboard chart now shows data for America/Buenos Aires time zone. 7899
Fixed a stability issue regarding monProcessProcedures queries in some Sybase environments. 7900
Fixed an issue with the numeric alert test and save buttons not working on Turkish locales. 7901
Fixed an issue that was causing the Slow SQL by Wait Event chart for one hour time slices to render slowly. 7902
SQL Server graphical plans from the Historical Charts for SQL charts now render correctly. 8093

Known issues

Issue ID
Storage I/O charts don't update correctly if you click chart links twice in a row. Workaround: Click a different chart link and the click the intended chart link again. 8445
Upgrading on Windows results in multiple versions of Ignite/DPA showing up in the Programs and Features. 364648
There is no IgniteFree support in SolarWinds DPA 9.0  
Remote DPA instances connected through DPA Central can fail to authenticate if configured with AD/LDAP and you don't log on to DPA Central with a valid AD/LDAP account. 8518
A known Microsoft issue prevents DPA from monitoring Microsoft SQL Server instances that use SSL. 364647


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