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DPA 10.1.317 Release Notes

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Updated June 24, 2016

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 10.1.317.

For DPA environment requirements, see DPA 10.1 system requirements.

New features and improvements

Expanded support for monitored databases

DPA 10.1 supports the monitoring of Oracle 12c database instances. The multi-tenant architecture in Oracle 12c consists of a container database (CDB) and one or more pluggable databases (PDB). You must register every PDB as a separate database instance in DPA.

Expanded support for repository databases

DPA 10.1 supports Oracle 12c PDB as a repository database.

Offline deactivation

Added an option to deactivate license keys when the DPA server does not have an Internet connection.

Fixed issues

SolarWinds DPA 10.1.317 incudes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number
Parallel execution counts are included in SQL statistics for Oracle 9 and later.



New system identifier must be generated for the DPA integration service to avoid identifier collision with Orion 2016.1.




DPA in Orion integration

If you upgraded to version 2016.1 of the Orion Platform and your DPA in Orion integration stopped working, see Fix Orion integration with DPA if installed on the same computer.

If the Orion installer is blocking your upgrade when DPA 10.1 or earlier is installed, see Install or upgrade Orion when DPA is installed on the same computer.


SolarWinds DPA 10.1 includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number
The chart for the Memory Paging Rate metric (disabled by default in 10.0) was always blank on the Resources tab for a SQL Server database instance. That chart was replaced by Page Life Expectancy. 901044
The management information base (MIB) file was updated to define all fields for sending SNMP traps. 876831
Under Advisors > Supporting Data, a tooltip correctly displays when you hover over an entry. 868347
When no licenses are present for Category 1, Category 2, or VM Option, the "Expired" label was changed to "0". 873147
Logins succeed on unique SSO configurations. 868635
The OLE Automation is enabled only if the WMI metrics are enabled. 873062
The Plan Text table was redesigned to display all lines. 867129
Fixed an issue where date range scans caused high I/O on Oracle repositories. 864076
Fixed an issue where region settings for numerical formatting affected Advanced Options values. 860224

Fixed an issue where the Advisors tab displayed the following error:

ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000

When the repository is Oracle, the ORACLE_DISPLAY_SQL_ID advanced system option is set to true, and the advisor entries exceed 1000.

In a real time session for an Amazon RDS for MySQL database instance, the Kill Session action is visible only for sessions of the monitoring user. -
Added more information to an error message that may display when using the Kill Session action in a real time session for a MySQL database instance. -
Addressed scenarios where the license store may become corrupted. -
Low frequency metrics are not retrieved for a MySQL 5.7.6 or later database instance with the show_compatibility_56 MySQL system variable set to OFF. -
Fixed an issue where DPA failed to install on Windows 10. -
Fixed an issue where a file marked as hidden under I/O Configuration > I/O Thresholds displays on the Storage I/O > Current tab. -
Fixed an issue where the Storage I/O > Current tab excluded a file. -
Cannot use Java 1.8 to extract the .zip file during a UNIX or Linux installation. -

Open issues

Open issues for SolarWinds DPA:

Issue Workaround
DPA displays a java.lang.NullPointerException error when filtering beyond the maximum number of monitored databases on the main page with alarms disabled. Increase the value for the MAIN_PAGE_MAX_DATABASES_FOR_ALARMS advanced system option.
In time zones where daylight saving occurs at 12 midnight, the cleaner job may fail and the dashboard charts may not update after a time change. Clean the data manually. The steps differ based on the type of job.
DPA may use a lower SSL security level if the connection to a SQL Server fails and the certificate of the server is not signed by a trusted certificate authority. This applies to creating a SQL Server repository database, and registering and updating the connection to a SQL Server monitored database instance.

For connections between DPA and a SQL Server monitored database instance, rewrite the CONN_URL_PROPS column in the CONND table to ssl=authenticate.

For connections between DPA and a SQL Server repository database, add repo.jdbcDriverProperties=ssl\=authenticate to the repo.propeties file in the following directory:


Charts do not display information on Solaris 10 Update 8 or earlier with JRE 1.8. Upgrade to Solaris 10 Update 9 or later and Oracle 11 or later.
Oracle pluggable databases (PDB) from two container databases (CDB) on two computers that were created by cloning the database are placed into a single group. DPA uses the group name from the host name of one of the CDBs, and ignores the other. Manually override the automatic PDB grouping.
When your DPA server can connect to the SolarWinds licensing server, that status is cached for 60 minutes. If the connection is lost during that time, offline deactivation is not available. Restart DPA.
Time slice and I/O charts may not display information correctly if data were not available from the beginning of the interval. -
The Test Alert function does not work for the following: Single Resource Metric, Metric Category, Custom alert with select #FREQUENCY#, and Custom Procedure. Do not test alerts in the Resources category. Wait until the alert runs to confirm it is working.

End of support

SolarWinds' policy is to support the current and two previous versions of DPA. When the next version of DPA is released, SolarWinds will not support DPA 9.0 and earlier.

Future releases of DPA will not support the following software:

Type Name
Repository databases Oracle 10g
Monitored databases Oracle 10g
Sybase 15.0.x
DB2 9.1
UNIX operating systems HP-UX (Hewlett-Packard UniX)
IBM AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive)
Java Runtime Environment JRE 1.7 and earlier
Web browsers Internet Explorer 9 and 10


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