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DPA 10.0.352 Release Notes

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Jun 20, 2018

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Updated September 22, 2015

These release notes provide guidance for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 10.0 and 10.0.352.

New features and improvements

MySQL support

DPA 10.0 can monitor MySQL database instances, either on-premise or in the cloud (RDS and EC2). MySQL monitoring capabilities include predefined and custom resource metrics, predefined and custom alerts, advisors, live plans, and reporting. If you have the DPA Orion module, you can view MySQL data from other products on the Orion platform, such as SAM.

Metric baselines

The Resources tab now displays baseline data for metrics. Comparing baseline values to values captured during a period of poor performance can help you discover potential problems that merit further investigation.

Updates to the SQL Server JTDS driver

DPA 10.0 udpates the JTDS driver from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1. Improvements include:

  • SSL with BEAST detection
  • Java 1.8
  • Alternative data conversions for issues such as Turkish character recognition
  • Multi-subnet failover
  • ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly for read-only instances

Fixed issues

ID Description
385627 I/O performance has been enhanced.
391047 When monitoring SQL Server database instances, previous versions of DPA sometimes reached the maximum number of connections and stopped monitoring. This occurred when WMI calls hung and didn't release the connections, forcing DPA to acquire new connections. To resolve this issue, resource collection for SQL Server database instances has been updated and no longer uses WMI.
394258 The CPU Utilization By Oracle metric is now calculated correctly.
394617 If an Oracle database does not have UTL_CON, it can be registered and no ORA-24450 error is returned.
394677 The message instructing users to install DPA as an administrator now applies to all Windows operating systems.
395807 It is no longer possible to activate an expired license key during an upgrade.
397822 The gen3.log is now listed in the local log drop down menu.
397869 Users who upgrade from IgniteFree to DPA can now register as many database instances as they have licenses for. They are no longer limited to 20.
400149 When a query does not have plan text, associated reports and advisors now display a message instead of being empty.
400224 The alarm metric alert emails no longer have URLs with broken links caused by space characters in the URL.
400473 The Register Monitored Database Instance wizard no longer allows users to enter an Oracle 10 or 11 password that is longer than the maximum 30 characters.
400754 Step 1 of the Register Monitored Database Instance wizard does not let you go to the next step without selecting a database type.
401339 When the monitored database instance is DB2 version 9.5 Fix Pack 0, the Waits tab no longer displays numbers instead of names.
401367 The slider bars used to set an annotation time now work as expected in Internet Explorer.
401745 The SQL Server wait metrics Total Read, Total Write, and Total I/O Wait are now evaluated correctly.
406728 Large storage I/O values no longer prevent DPA from displaying storage I/O data.
413480 When you run the Update DB Instance Connection Wizard for an Oracle database instance, all values are updated.
417305 The 64-bit version of DPA can be installed on a 64-bit HP-UX system.
417884 SQL Server Long Running Jobs alert no longer returns false positives if a SQL Server job was started and not allowed to finish.

The following changes were made to prevent certain types of issues and to help Support investigate issues that do occur:

  • Additional logging has been added.
  • The cache no longer times out before the configured timeout value.
  • The expiration check is a configurable parameter.
  • Bad clients are removed from the cache on all remote errors, not just public key errors.
424537 Users can access DPA from a Firefox 39.0 browser.

Fixed Issues in the DPA Orion Integration Module

ID Description
413808 The Database Instance tooltip in the Database Performance Analyzer Orion Integration Module now displays the correct Wait Time.
415242 A message displayed on the Database Instance Details screen regarding connectivity issues has been clarified. The updated message describes the issue and provides instructions for fixing the problem.
416292 When the Database Performance Analyzer Orion Integration wizard runs, all relationships whose status has changed since the previous run are displayed for review.
417315 In the Database Performance Analyzer Orion Integration wizard, the Filter button on the Review Relationships panel now works correctly .

Known issues

Known Issues in DPA

Issue Workaround
MySQL RDS users will not be able to kill sessions. The master user on the RDS instance does not have the SUPER privilege, and therefore cannot grant it to the DPA monitoring user. None.
By default, MySQL users (non-RDS) will not be able to kill sessions because the monitoring user does not have the SUPER privilege. Grant the SUPER privilege to the DPA monitoring user, and then restart DPA.
If you are monitoring a MySQL database instance and the Performance Schema is enabled but MYSQL_JOIN_PROCESSLIST is set to false, you cannot run an Explain Plan for multiple SQL statements on a single line.
  1. Choose Options > Administration > Advanced Options.
  2. Select the Support Options checkbox.
  3. Change MYSQL_JOIN_PROCESSLIST to true.

The MYSQL_JOIN_PROCESSLIST option is true by default. Do not change this option to false unless SolarWinds Support instructs you to do so.

If you are monitoring a MySQL database instance and MYSQL_JOIN_PROCESSLIST is set to false, DPA does not recognize certain wait times. Change MYSQL_JOIN_PROCESSLIST to true. See the previous row for instructions.
In some situations, the DPA license store can become corrupted and DPA will not be able to obtain a license. For example, the store becomes corrupted if the repository server loses power while DPA is attempting to read the license store. The message "Error occurred while trying to read the license store" usually indicates a corrupted license store. Stop DPA, rename the license folder, and restart DPA. For instructions, see this article on the License Store corruption error.
In some cases, Category 2 licenses are not automatically allocated. Manually allocate each Catetory 2 license.
If the monitored database instance is MySQL version 5.7.6 or higher, low-frequency metrics are not collected when the show_compatibilty_56 system variable is set to OFF.

Run the following commands to view the current setting and to turn on the show_compatibilty_56 system variable:

select @@show_compatibility_56; --displays the current setting
set GLOBAL show_compatibility_56=1; -- turns this variable on

If the DPA repository is on a Unix or Linux server, Mass Registration lists the header row of the CSV file as an invalid database instance. Remove the header row from the CSV file.
The DPA installer fails when it is run on a Windows 10 Preview operating system. Run the installer on a full version of a supported operating system.
JRE 1.8 cannot be used to extract the installation zip file on a Linux server. If you are installing DPA on a Linux server that has only JRE 1.8 installed, the installer displays an error message. Install JRE 1.6 or 1.7.

Known Issues in the DPA Orion Integration Module

Issue Workaround

When the Database Performance Analyzer Orion Integration Module is installed, an error similar to the one below appears in the DPA log each time a user selects Test Connection:

ERROR (2015-08-31 11:10:06,807.CEST)

[http-8124-3] DefaultIgniteExceptionLogger - An unexpected error occurred from


Call failed with status 403
  at com.solarwinds.common.swis.client.


Product functionality is not affected. Ignore this error.
When the Database Performance Analyzer Orion Integration Module is installed, JavaScript errors appear in the console when a user mouses over the Blockers in the Last Hour resource. Product functionality is not affected. Ignore the errors.
When the Database Performance Analyzer Orion Integration Module is installed on AddWebsite, the database is not configured. Also install the module on the main poller.
When the Database Performance Analyzer Orion Integration Module is installed, availability groups on monitored SQL Server database instances are not mapped correctly on the Orion platform. Run the Update Connection Information wizard and specify the virtual IP address of the availability group listener.


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