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Restore a backup

Table of contents

If you want to see historical data after an upgrade from previous SolarWinds NTA versions, back up your database before the upgrade and restore it after the update finishes.

  1. Log in to the NTA Flow Storage Database server.
  2. Make sure the backup file is available on the NTA Flow Storage Database server.
  3. Launch the command prompt.
  4. Open a File Explorer window.
  5. Locate SolarWinds.NetFlow.FastBit.BackupTool.exe in the folder where you installed the NTA Flow Storage Database, such as C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\NetFlowTrafficAnalysis.
  6. Drag and drop SolarWinds.NetFlow.FastBit.BackupTool.exe into the command prompt.
  7. Define what should be restored using the following command:

    NetFlow.Fastbit.BackupTool.exe Restore [source folder] [destination folder] [start date] [end date]


NetFlow.Fastbit.BackupTool.exe Restore D:\FB_Backup\ D:\FB_Restore\ 2015/08/01 2015/08/15

Date parameters

Start and end dates are mandatory. Use the format YYYY/MM/DD.

If you want to restore all data but you are not sure about the exact dates, use a past date for the start date and a future date for the end date.

For example, 1990/1/1 2020/1/1.


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