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Reports are unable to work after Report Owner is disabled, removed, or now has limitation

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Created by James Fahey, last modified by Shane Horgan on Mar 01, 2018

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This article describes the issue when Reports are not working after Report Owner is disabled, removed, now has limitations, or has disable session time out enabled.


  • Orion Core version 2015.x - 2017.1
  • NPM version 11.5.X - NPM 12.1


This issue occurs when the original report owner is disabled, deleted/removed, was implemented limitation or the account has the disable session time out enabled.


This Issue is now addressed in NPM 12.2 (Orion Core 2017.3 and later versions) so that the deletion / disabling of accounts does not effect the Reporting Schedules.


Workaround for Previous Versions

  1. Reactivate the user account or change the ownership of the report:

    Warning: Changing the ownership may return different results due to various user limitations.

  2. Create a backup of the database.
  3. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager.
  4. Click Add Default Server and expand down to your SolarWinds database.
  5. Double-click the Report Definitions table.
  6. Delete the default query and replace with the following (Note this will change Owner for all Reports): 
    UPDATE ReportDefinitions
    SET Owner = '{new user}'
    WHERE Owner = '{old user}'
  7. Click Execute Query. 
    • For a list of accounts, check the Accounts table.
    • Pay attention to letter casing in account names.
  8. To change individual Report Owners, find selected report, click Enable Table Editing, click the Owner Field and change it to the desire Owner.
  9. After updating the DB, restart Orion Services.


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