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Home > Success Center > Archive > 2018Jan04 - Deletes > NCM no longer gets full configs for Alcatel devices with AOS 7+

NCM no longer gets full configs for Alcatel devices with AOS 7+

Updated September 9, 2016


NCM does not get full configs for Alcatel devices on AOS 7+. 


All NCM versions



Alcatel AOS 7+ has removed the following commands:

  • No More
  • Prompt String

These commands allowed to reset the prompt on the CLI to allow full configs. When removed, NCM sees the config  Session Prompt Default SwitchName as a command to exit and disconnect.



  1. Copy the Alcatel AOS Switch device template used on AOS prior to 7+.
  2. Add the following Command line to the template:

    <Command Name="UseExactPromptMatch" Value="true"/> 

  3. After adding the  new Template saved, manually assign it to the Alcatel devices with AOS 7+.





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