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Install History for multi-user licenses

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The following licenses are multi-user, meaning the same Activation Key can be applied to multiple machines, depending on the number of users your license is valid for.

This article explains what the Install History in your Customer Portal means.


The install history gives a complete history of each time a license key has been used to activate an install on a machine. 


Parked status will show on a line if you used the License Manager tool to deactivate that license on a device.

There should be a corresponding “installed” line.

The install history is not editable. It shows all activations and deactivation as record keeping.


  • DameWare version 8 and later
  • Engineer's Toolset version 11 


1. Log in to your Customer Portal.

2. Under the Licensing Management section on the top bar select License Management.

3. Locate the multi-user license.  You may need to click on the + icon to expand the license information.

4.  Across from the activation key, you will have the option to "View Install History".

5.  This information can be exported into an excel document, which can be easier to read and search under if there are multiple records for that license.



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