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Node Threshold on Map

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Created by Deney De Guzman, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Jan 03, 2018

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This article provides information on the threshold used by Network Atlas and Orion General threshold. 


All Orion Core products


If you have a node showing high CPU, RAM, response time and etc. and this is true due to the nature of the device function, you have to use the Overwrite threshold when you Edit a Node and put a higher value for a green dot to reflect on your Node details Gauge or to your Alert "that uses the predefined threshold baseline value", the Node in your Map still shows that red dot. 



This is because Network Atlas (Maps) does not inherit that settings. It has a different setting. Once the node is placed on Network Altas:

a. Right-click the node in the map.

b. Go to Properties > Metrics.

c. Change the value to sync on your Orion General Threshold or to your Node that has Overwrite Threshold value:



d. Save your changes. 


This should overwrite whatever value set on it and shows the normal status on the node in your Map.




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