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New Alert does not trigger immediately

Created by Leif Amland, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Jan 03, 2018

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This article provides brief information and a resolution to the issue when a newly created alert does not trigger on a number of objects.


NPM version 11.5.x




When creating a new alert, you have a check-box option in the trigger conditions that states "Condition must exist for more than X minutes" What had happened was when the new alert was created this option was selected and set for 4 hours so when the alert was thought to have fired immediately, it wouldn't fire because the conditions hadn't been met for the set amount of time which was 4 hours in this scenario.



To uncheck the option that requires the alert condition to exist for a set amount of time before the alert fires:


1. Go to  Settings > Manage Alerts

2. Click the check-box next to the alert that is supposed to be firing immediately and click 'Edit Alert'.

3. Navigate to the 'Trigger Condition' part of the alert.

4. Un-check the box for 'Condition must exist for more than X minutes'.

5. Continue along by hitting 'NEXT' until the alert has been successfully submitted.


Now the alert will fire immediately as soon as the trigger conditions are met.



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