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NPM 12 upgrade fails on additional poller due to UDT version compatibility

Updated June 16, 2016


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when a NPM 12 upgrade fails on additional poller due to compatibility issues with the UDT version installed. 

An error message will appear from the installer when installing UDT version 3.2.2 on the additional poller. 


NPM version 12.0


The primary application server was upgraded successfully to UDT 3.2.2, and then upgraded to NPM 12 per the upgrade advisor. The server was then upgraded to UDT 3.4.2 and this should not have been done. UDT 3.2.2 should be upgraded on the additional pollers first. 


  1. Run UDT 3.2.2 installer and wait for the error to appear. 
  2. Go to %temp%.
  3. Open the Orion Setup > installers folder.
  4. Copy the UDT installer to your desktop.
  5. Cancel the installer and make sure nothing is running. 
  6. Run the UDT installer that was copied to the desktop. 
    Note: Once completed, do not run the configuration wizard. 
  7. Run NPM 12 installer and let configuration wizard complete. 
    ​Note: Same steps if customer has more than one additional pollers. 

Now UDT 3.4.2 can be ran to upgrade the additional pollers. 


Note: If it complains about activating a license just hit cancel and move forward, this will not affect the application. 




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