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Log Adjuster shows no options

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This article provides information on fixing issue when the Log Adjuster shows no options when opened.

Regardless of the account used by Log Adjuster.


Log Adjuster Missing Options



All Orion Core products 


Most of the Orion components and standalone tools (i.e. Log Adjuster) are build in Visual C++ and utilizes shared libraries of both architectures - 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64). In case of 64-bit Windows some 3rd party tools may only update Visual C++ 64-bit (x64) package and leaving the 32-bit (x86) not upgraded.

This will in turn cause mismatch between versions of libraries and will result in unexpected behaviors like the one described above with Log Adjuster.


Install or upgrade both Visual C++ redistributable packages. For the latest versions, refer to the Microsoft resources.




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