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Training Class Getting Started with SolarWinds Backup - February 28

This course offers customers an introduction to SolarWinds Backup, focusing on configuring the backup technology, taking backups, data restoration and data security. It is a great primer and will get you up to speed quickly on SolarWinds Backup.
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Manage SAM settings

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Updated: 3-9-2017

You can manage all settings for SAM through a central page in the Orion Web Console. Settings include more than changing default options. You can create, manage, and assign application monitors, the heart of SAM monitoring.

You may need to log in with an administrator account to access all settings.

To open the settings, click Settings > All Settings, locate the Product Specific Settings section, and click SAM Settings.

You gain access to the following areas of settings and options:

  • Getting Started with SAM: Quickly access SAM features and wizards to scan nodes for applications, manually assign application monitors, and run the component monitor wizard.
  • Global SAM Settings: These settings include the credentials library and credentials certificate library used by component monitors, and database for data retention.
  • Application Detail Views: Review and modify the list of SAM views by application type and selected template. You can create or modify these templates to use in the Orion Web Console.
  • Application Monitors: Modify and manage assigned application monitors to nodes and with templates. You can pull and use shared templates from thwack through this page.
  • Application Monitor Templates: Manage and create templates for application monitors. You can also manage the assigned application monitors and pull shared thwack templates through this page.
  • Component Monitors: Manage and view the component monitor library and monitors within templates.
  • Groups: Manage the application monitors added to groups.
  • License Summary: Provides details on your license component monitor amounts. For details on the assigned product licenses, see the License Manager.
  • Thwack Community: Check the SAM thwack forum to discuss SAM and Orion products. You can also share and use customer-shared templates with the SolarWinds community.
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