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Stop the HTTP service from preventing a failover

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In some environments, the HTTP service prevents switching or failing over. This results in the process hanging and does not allow you to use NET command to change its state.  




FOE Engine failed to complete connection with Secondary FOE server:








FOE 6.7




Change the target as this is one of the services added by the IIS plugin:


  1. On the Active window, open a command prompt and go to the FoE bin folder.
    Note: Verify that you are using a trusted client.
  2. Run: nfcmd localhost doAddService "User Defined" HTTP Any Any false false false
    Note: If your user is not trusted on localhost, use the client it is trusted on.
  3. Open the FoE GUI and go to Apps > Services. You should now have an HTTP under User Defined.
  4. Open HTTP's properties (from User Defined).
  5. Verify that the targets are Any and Any and the Manage Starting and Stopping and Monitor State are cleared.
  6. Click OK and close the properties window
  7. Remove the user-defined HTTP service (this is optional – it can stay and will not cause any problems).
  8. Open the properties of HTTP from under IIS Server. It should have the same settings as on 6.


Please note:   Toolset integration cannot be used when Orion Failover Engine is installed.  This is a limitation of FOE, and the steps above will not avoid this concern.  If Toolset integration is installed on the Orion server it must be removed.  



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