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Path specified for recovery is invalid

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Created by Justin Wyllys, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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During the installation of the Orion Failover Engine (FoE) on the secondary server user will be asked to point the installation to the location of the backup image of the primary server, in order to initiate a re-image of the secondary server. If an image file has been copied directly onto the secondary server, an error occurs when trying to install FoE on the secondary server.


  • FoE all versions


Due to permissions change over the files system backup (image) file installer man not be able to extract the file.


  1. Save the image file to a location other than the C: drive, for example, a network share.
  2. Run the installation again, and then point the installation to the network share for the location of the image file. The installation should be able to complete the image of the server successfully, and complete the installation of FoE on the secondary server.


Note: Use a UNC path when selecting the image path. For example:  

  • \\\D$
  • \\hostname\folder
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