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FoE Licensing

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Created by Michael Almadova, last modified by Mariusz Handke on Sep 11, 2017

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This article explains how FoE licensing works and what products are considered Primary Orion Products. 


  • FoE  version 6.7
  • Windows Sever 2008 and 2012


FoE licensing is outlined below


Orion Failover Engine is licensed by the number of primary Orion products installed per server. The following products are defined as primary Orion products:

  • Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
  • Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)
  • Orion Application Performance Monitor (APM)
  • Orion Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)
  • Additional Pollers


Failover support for additional Orion NPM modules is essentially ‘free’ with the purchase of the Orion Failover Engine for Orion NPM. These include:

  • Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)
  • Orion IP SLA Manager
  • Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM)*
  • SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT)*


If IPAM or UDT are installed standalone (without a primary product), they will require a FoE-P1 license.

The Orion Failover Engine for Orion Enterprise Operations Console and Orion Polling Engines must be purchased as separate software licenses for each installed server.


Licensing Summary


Failover for a Single Primary Orion Product Per Server


Failover for Up to Two Primary Orion Products Per Server


Failover for Up to Three Primary Orion Products Per Server


Failover for an Orion Polling Engine


Failover for Orion Enterprise Operations Console


For example:

  • Orion products:
    • Server 1 – Orion NPM, NTA, APM
    • Server 2 – Orion Polling Engine
  • Orion Failover Engine Licenses:
    • FoE-P2 (NPM + APM)
      • NTA is covered for free
    • FoE-PE


Swapping of licenses is not allowed under the SolarWinds licensing model. E.g. a FoE-P2 cannot be swapped for 2 FoE-P1 licenses.


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