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Filtering report lists

Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Oct 31, 2017

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Use the Reports window to filter your report list and display only those reports associated with a particular report title, category, level, or type. You can also apply more than one filter at a time to display a very small subset of the report list. If required, you can create your own custom filter, and save them for later use.

Each report list column header includes a drop-down menu that displays column filter options, as shown below.


For example, selecting Audit reduces the list to show only the reports associated with the Audit category.

When you apply a filter, a yellow status bar appears below the reports list. The status bar lists which filters are currently applied. You can use this list to remove each filter individually, or to remove them all at once.

Filter a report list

  1. Decide which column you want to use for the filter.
  2. Click File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEMUserGuide_MT/0C0/0C0/FilterDrop-downArrow_14x11.gif and select a filter option.

    The report list refreshes to display the filtered list.

  3. Repeat Step 2 for each additional filter you want to apply.

Change a filter setting

In the status bar below the report list, click File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEMUserGuide_MT/0C0/0C0/FilterDrop-downArrow_13x11.gif and select a different filter option from your list of most commonly-used filters.


Turn off report filters

In the Reports window, when you are finished with a report filter, you can turn it off. Turning off a filter refreshes the report list so that it displays the list without that column filter. You can turn off a single filter or all of the filters at once.

To turn off a filter, clear the check box next to the filter in the status bar.


To turn off all of the filters, click File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEMUserGuide_MT/0C0/0C0/Filter-Remove_17x14.gif in the status bar. The report list refreshes to display the list without any filters.


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