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Ops Center view – Working with widgets

The Ops Center view provides a dashboard where you can display widgets (self-contained filters that provide real-time graphical overviews of your network events. Using the Widget Manager, you can add several predefined widgets to your dashboard, including information widgets with links to videos, documents, and other resources.

Add a widget to the Ops center dashboard

  1. In the LEM Console, click Ops Center.
  2. Click Widget Manager.
  3. Select a filter from the Categories list.
  4. In the Widgets pane, select an available widget.
  5. Click Add to Dashboard or drag the widget to your dashboard.

    To re-position the widgets on the dashboard, drag them to a new position.

Create a new widget using Widget Manager

  1. In the LEM Console, click Ops Center.
  2. Click Widget Manager.
  3. Click File:Success_Center/New_Articles/LEMUserGuide_MT/040/010/Button-Plus_16x15.png in the Categories list.
  4. Complete the Widget Builder form.
  5. Select the Save to Dashboard check box to pin the new widget to the dashboard.
  6. Click Save.


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