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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Oct 30, 2017

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The following table describes the key features of the Explore > Utilities view.

Name Description

History pane

Displays a record of your explorer viewing history. Selecting an item in the history list displays the corresponding explorer event in the Explorer pane.

Utilities pane

Displays the explorers that are currently open. You can have multiple explorers open at the same time.

Cascade button

Arranges the open explorer windows so they appear in an organized cascade.


Responds to the event or event field that is the subject of the active explorer. You can also use the Respond menu to take action even when no explorer windows are open or active.


Contains options to open the other explorers. You can explore the event message or event field that is the subject of the active explorer or open a blank explorer to manually enter the item you want to explore.

Explorer windows

The active explorers within the Utilities pane. You can minimize, resize, and close each explorer window, as needed.

Minimized explorers

Any explorers that you have minimized appear at the bottom of the Utilities pane as a title bar. Click a title bar to reopen that explorer.

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