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Creating a new filter

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Oct 30, 2017

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Use the following procedure whenever you need to create a new filter. Configure the filter with the Filter Creation connector.

  1. Open the Monitor view.
  2. In the Filters pane, click a filter group title.

    The filter group maximizes and displays all filters within the group.

  3. Click File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEMUserGuide_MT/090/070/Button-Plus(Gray)_14x11.png in the Filters toolbar and select New Filter.

    The Filter Creation window displays.

  4. Enter a filter name in the Name field.

    This name will identify the filter in the Filters pane.

  5. Select the total number of events that appear to display for this filter in the Lines Displayed box.

    The default value is 1000 lines. You can select up to 2000 lines.

  6. Enter a description in the Description field.
  7. Select and drag one or more filters into the Conditions box.
  8. If you want special notification when a filter captures an event, drag a notification from the Notification group into the Notifications box and configure the notification method.
  9. Click Save.
  10. (Optional) Use the Filter Status section to verify, troubleshoot, and resolve any problems with the filter logic.

    The new filter displays in the filter group you selected in Step 2.


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