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Apply a LEM Connector Update Package

Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Oct 27, 2017

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When SolarWinds releases LEM connectors, be sure to download and apply the connector update package to LEM deployment. The package automatically updates all data connectors whenever you upgrade your appliance. You can also use the stand-alone connector updates provided by Customer Support as needed to address unmatched data alerts in your environment.

Automatically apply the update package

Beginning in LEM 6.2, you can update your connectors from the LEM console in the Manage > Appliances screen or schedule an automate update.

Manually apply the update package

  1. Prepare the update package.
    1. Download the connector update package from this link or the Additional Components page on the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

      The download is approximately 6 MB.

    2. Unzip the file.
    3. Open the SolarWinds-LEM-Connectors folder.
    4. Copy the LEM folder, including all sub-folders and files, to the root of a network share.

      For example: C:\share\LEM\, assuming that the application can access the share using the UNC path name \\\share.

  2. Connect to your LEM virtual appliance using a virtual console or SSH client.
  3. Access the CMC prompt:
    • Virtual console: scroll down to Advanced Configuration, and then press Enter.
    • SSH Client: log in using your CMC credentials.
  4. At the cmc> prompt, enter manager.
  5. At the cmc::cmm# prompt, enter sensortoolupgrade.
  6. Press Enter to validate your entry.
  7. Enter n to indicate that your update is on the network.
  8. Press Enter to validate your entry.
  9. Enter the server and share name for the downloaded update package in \\server\share format.

    LEM will locate the LEM directory which is directly below this share location.

  10. Enter y to confirm your entry.
  11. Enter the domain and user name for a user that can access the share in any of the following formats:
    • domain\user
    • server-name\user-name
    • .\user-name for the local user
  12. Enter y to confirm your entry.
  13. Enter the user password.
  14. Re-enter the user password to confirm.
  15. Enter 1 to start the update.

    The update may require several minutes to complete.

  16. In the LEM console, monitor the InternalToolOnline alerts in the default SolarWinds Alerts filter and verify that your updated connectors restart correctly.
  17. Enter exit and press Enter twice to exit the CMC interface.

Troubleshooting alerts

During the update process, the update script restarts all configured LEM connectors. In most cases, restarted connectors trigger one offline and one online alert in your LEM console.

An InternalWarning alert may appear, indicating that a connector started at the beginning of the corresponding log file. This alert may be caused by:

  • An unnecessary connector. For example, you could have an NT DNS connector configured on a server that is not running the DNS service.
  • A misconfigured connector. For example, you could have a connector pointing to the wrong location for the requisite log file.
  • The device associated with the connector rotated its logs while the connector was offline.

Below is the event information for the InternalWarning alert.

EventInfo: -1:Start location was -1. Init set to 'newest' record, record info: 1 - 193 (101 - 293) @ -1. InsertionIP: lab-vm-exc10.lab.exc Manager: lem DetectionIP: InsertionTime: 11:51:04 Thu Jun 16 2016 DetectionTime: 11:51:04 Thu Jun 16 2016 Severity: 2 ToolAlias: NT DNS InferenceRule: ProviderSID: FASTCenter normal error ExtraneousInfo: Component: FASTCenter:NT DNS Description: -1:Start location was -1. Init set to 'newest' record, record info: 1 - 193 (101 - 293) @ -1. Detail: StackTrace:

Updating Agents

If you did not update your LEM version, the agent version should be compatible with your current version.

The agent version should always match the LEM version designed for the agent.

When LEM is configured properly, the application pushes out any available agent updates when you upgrade your existing version. If your organization incorporates a change management policy, test the agent updates before the push.

To prevent a global automatic update: 

  1. Open the LEM Console and select Manage > Appliances.
  2. Click the Settings tab in the Properties pane.
  3. Clear the Enable Global Automatic Updates check box, and then click Save.

If your connector update is used at the Agent level (such as an Event Log tool), update your agents.

  1. Open the LEM Console and select Manage > Nodes.
  2. Select the agents to update in the Nodes grid. Press Ctrl to select multiple agents.
  3. Click the Remote Updates drop-down menu and select Update.

    The update may require several minutes to complete.

    You can enable Global Automatic Updates from Manage > Appliances >Settings to automatically update the agents as they connect.

  4. Ensure that all updated agents in the Nodes grid include File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEMUserGuide_MT/0E0/010/Icon-Enabled.png in the Update Status column.
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