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Activate a LEM rule

Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Oct 27, 2017

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When you create a new rule or change an existing rule, you are working on a local copy of the rule. The manager cannot use the rule change until you activate it. Activating a rule tells the manager to reload its enabled rules so it can upload updates from your local copies. Activate rules whenever you create a new rule, edit an existing rule, or change the Enabled/Disabled or Test On/Test Off status. Otherwise, the manager will not recognize your changes.

The Rules grid and Rule Creation include an Activate Rules command. This command sends new rule changes to the manager for immediate use. In Rule Creation, the Activate Rules command leaves Rule Creation open so you can continue working.

Activate a rule from the Rules grid

  1. Open the Build > Rules view.
  2. Many any necessary changes to your rules.
  3. On the Rules toolbar, click Activate Rules.

    The Manager activates your new rule changes and begins processing all enabled rules.

Active rules from Rule Creation

In Rules Creation, click Activate Rules. The Manager activates any new rule changes and begins processing all enabled rules. However, Rule Creation stays open so you can continue working. The rule you are currently working on is not activated. It cannot be activated until it is saved.

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