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Make a DPA alert run more frequently than every 10 minutes

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The lowest frequency allowed in the GUI for a DPA alert is once every 10 minutes. An alert may need to run more often. DPA alert information is stored in a table named CON_ALERT and this table can be updated to change the frequency


  • Ignite 8.0 and earlier
  • Ignite 8.1 and later and all versions of DPA have alerts that can run less often than 10 minutes


  1. Note the alert name you want to change:

    select id, alertname, frequency from con_alert order by alertname;

  2. Update the frequency. This example changes the alert to run once a minute:

    update con_alert set frequency = <number_of_minutes> where id = '<id_of_alert>';</id_of_alert></number_of_minutes>

  3. Restart the Ignite PI Server. This is necessary because the Ignite Web Client is responsible for executing alerts and it caches the alert information.


If you update the alert in the Ignite GUI, the frequency may be set back to 10 minutes. If this happens, you must update the alert again following the steps above.


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