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Change the display color of a database instance

Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Gerald.Prado on Nov 06, 2017

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In charts such as the Instances with the Highest Wait Time and Greatest Upward Wait Time Trends, DPA represents each database instance with a color. New database instances may have colors similar to the colors of existing database instances. You can change the color used to represent a specific database instance. 


  • DPA, all versions


  1. In the DPA menu, click Options.
  2. Click the Support tab.
  3. Click the Database Query Tool link.
  4. Enter in the following query and click the Execute Query button:

    select NAME from COND;

    The Query Result section lists all registered database instance names.

  5. Note the name for the database instance that you want to recolor.
  6. Enter the following statement but substitute the name for MYINSTANCE_MYHOST and substitute in the color of your choice for "33023". See below for color codes.

    insert into CON_COLOR (TEXTSTRING, COLOR)  values ('MyInstance_MyHost',ColorCode);<myinstance_myhost><colorcode/></myinstance_myhost>


    For example:

    insert into CON_COLOR (TEXTSTRING, COLOR)  values ('DPA-WIN-MYSQL57:3306',65535);

    • MyInstance_MyHost is one of the instance names returned by the previous query.
    • ColorCode is a color code. See the Color Codes section below.
  7. Click the Execute Query button.
  8. Wait one minute for DPA to reload the colors, then clear the chart cache:
    1. Click Options.
    2. Click the Support tab.
    3. Click Clear Chart Cache, and then click OK at the confirmation message.

Color Codes

Below are some common color codes that can be used:

COLOR                        NUMBER
Black                           0
White                           16777215
Red                              230
Orange                         33023
Yellow                          65535
Green                           2534179
Blue                             16711680
Purple                          16718476
Cyan                            16776960
Magenta                       16711935
Light Gray                     12632256
Dark Gray                     4210752

Gray                             8421504

The numbers are a BGR value (reversed endian of RGB). The formula for RGB to BGR is:
(blue*65536) + (green*256) + red;


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