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Alert Central 1.1 Release Notes

Created by Beatrix.Turan, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Updated 9/10/2013

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Alert Central v1.1.

Introducing Alert Central v1.1

SolarWinds' free product, Alert Central, helps you get the right alerts to the right people at the right time. The product focuses on timely, efficient on-call management, escalation, and scheduling. When an issue is time sensitive, it's a good candidate for Alert Central.

Alert Central's newest release, v1.1, offers the following new features:

  • In-product upgrade notification – A banner appears when there is a new version of Alert Central is available, encouraging customers to keep current with the new features and bug fixes each release includes.
  • Proxy server support and connection test – Connecting to this feature now ensures you always know about upcoming features, upgrades, and maintenance.
  • User validation improvements – The user interface now clearly shows the validation state of each user notification desitnation, including the primary email. This new capability also includes a resend feature.
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Web Services, providing another way for Alert Central to integrate with your Exchange Server.


Alert Central deploys as a standalone virtual appliance. Anyone can download, install, and integrate it with SolarWinds and non-SolarWinds products. As long as your product sends emails and you want to route them to the right people, Alert Central will work for you.

Bug Fixes

Issue Description Thwack Message ID
Email notification button appears in wrong place


Add note button overlaps text in rich-HTML format email notification from Gmail on IE 10.  
An incorrect error message appears when creating a recurring on-call assignment.


The same error appears for Daily and Monthlyrecurrence patterns when scheduling reoccuring on-call assignments on the calendar.  
SMS-format notification text is wrong.


SMS-format notification's message text should contain time instead of ${HISTORY_TIME}  
Reoccuring on call scheduling not working as expected


The weekly recurrence is always on Monday-Sunday, regardless of the start date. Rotation should be relative to the start date. Thwack201807
Validation of address value in notification steps should include ip addresses and not just hostnames


When configuring notification policy steps for users, the address textbox should allow ip addresses.  
Unable to validate SMS from Android.


Messages sent to Alert Central from Android users get interpreted as junk messages. Thwack57350
Long alert summary field


Alerts with very long summaries make email subject lines tool long to have ${ACNID:XX} block. Thwack197560 Thwack204650
Only capture a specific section of that text checkbox is selected by default


The And just use all the text we find there checkbox should be selected by default.  
Change SNMP Template to up the postmaster process count limit.


The 41 postgres/postmaster processes is the minimum value. If the end-user performs a database backup through the VAMI, there will be more. Bump up the value the value to 45 or 50.  
Alert Central Open Relay not working.


Selecting the Open Relay checkbox and leaving the values blank should tell Alert Central to use an open relay on the Admin account mail server, but does not. Thwack56073
SMS on Verizon network/iPhone


Alert Central currently validates that the from address for incoming mail matches the address configured in the notification preferences, but the email gateways that Verizon uses change the from address to something else. Thwack56711
Sync with Active Directory does not work correctly.


Active Directory username and email changes were not being synched in Alert Central.  
Email address has been changed, but status stays validated.


When the email address changes, its status should change to Not Validated or Request Sent. If the email address changes in Active Directory, however, Alert Central receives the changed value, sends a request for validation to the new address, and the state of the user changes to Request Sentif that is the only contact in the user's notification policy.  
Adding note with rich text via email button?


When you press the Add Note button to add a note to an email, Alert Central defaults to adding an HTML note. The note contains HTML formatting codes, but not always the note text. Thwack57708
Unable to acknowledge plaintext email has variable names.


Plain text email notification of failed acknowledge because the alert was already closed by the group policy.  


Issue Description Thwack Message ID
Extended the 10-minute browser timeout to 60 minutes.


Browser now times out after 60 minutes, unless you are on the Alerts page. From the Alerts page, the browser does not time out at all. ThwackIdeas2370
Improve secure storage of sensitive configuration parameters.


The Alert Central server email password, network proxy password (if proxy authentication is used), and smtp password are now encrypted when stored in the Alert Central database.
How do you set the web link in Alert Central?


When subject lines are more than 80 characters, Alert Central truncates the subject. Thwack57636

Known Issues

Issue Description Thwack Message ID
Backup and restore feature loses email and proxy passwords in settings table.


The passwords stored in the settings table use a generated keystore file in /opt/oncall/.secret for encryption. When restoring to the backup to a different appliance, the keystore is not restored, and the passwords fail to decrypt, disabling email polling and proxy server authentication. Workaround is to just re-enter the passwords again.  
Truncated subject and title in Outlook 2010.


When subject lines are more than 80 characters, Alert Central truncates the subject. Thwack203234
Group modification fails.


Bug cannot be fixed, because it has not been reproducible. Thwack205623
Notes added from email messages are truncated to 60 characters.


Bug cannot be fixed, because text must be limited to one line. Thwack203209
After upgrading from Alert Central v1.1 beta to Alert Central v1.1 RTM, customers see an upgrade banner with an older version.


The version information is being cached. Customers can dismiss the upgrade banner. The banner will update the next time a new Alert Central update is applied.

Version History

This is Alert Central v1.1. Release notes from previous the previous release includes Alert Central v1.0.


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