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Escalated alert example

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nanette.Neal on Jul 25, 2016

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WidgetCo is a business with a small IT staff, consisting of two technicians and an IT manager. To ensure that issues are addressed appropriately, the IT manager has created multiple escalated alerts for a range of potential network events, including device failures and excessive disk space or bandwidth usage. Typically, the escalated alerts configured by the WidgetCo IT manager proceed as follows:

1. Immediately, as soon as Orion IPAM recognizes an alert condition, Orion IPAM generates both an email and a page that are sent to one of the two technicians. An entry is also recorded in the Orion events log.

2. If the alert is not acknowledged in the IPAM Web Console within 20 minutes, a second alert is fired, generating another email and another page, both sent to both technicians. An entry is also recorded in the Orion events log.

3. If the second alert is not acknowledged within 20 minutes, Orion IPAM fires a third alert that sends both an email and a page to both technicians and to the IT manager. An entry is also recorded in the Orion events log.

Escalated alerts ensure that everyone on the WidgetCo IT staff is notified of any significant network alert conditions within 45 minutes without burdening the IT manager with excessive alert notifications. The following section provides a procedure to create a similar escalated alert scheme.

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