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Setting account limitations

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nanette.Neal on Jul 22, 2016

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Account limitations may be used to restrict user access to designated network areas or to withhold certain types of information from designated users. The following procedure sets user account limitations.

To set user account limitations:

1. Log in to the IPAM Web Console as an administrator.

2. Click Settings in the top right of the web console.

3. Click Account Manager in the Accounts grouping of the Orion Website Administration page.

4. Select the account that you want to limit, and then click Edit.

5. Click Add Limitation in the Account Limitations section.

6. Select the type of limitation to apply from the list, and then click Continue.


  • Account limitations defined using the Account Limitation Builder display as options on the Select Limitation page. Account limitations can be defined and set using almost any custom properties. For more information, see Creating Account Limitations.
  • Because Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer initially caches account limitations, it may take up to a minute for account limitations related to Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer to take effect in Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.

7. Define the limitation as directed on the Configure Limitation page that follows. For more information about defining pattern-type limitations, see Defining Pattern Limitations.

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