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Activating your license

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Created by Nanette.Neal, last modified by Nanette.Neal on Jul 12, 2016

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After installing the software through the setup wizard, you are prompted to enter the license activation key for your product. If you do not have an activation key, the product runs in a time-limited evaluation mode.

To evaluate the software without a license:

Click Continue Evaluation.

To license the software on a server with Internet access:

  1. Click Enter Licensing Information.
  2. Select I have internet access and an activation key.
  3. Click the link to access the customer portal on the SolarWinds web site.
  4. Log in to the portal using your SolarWinds customer ID and password.
  5. Click License Management on the left navigation bar.
  6. Navigate to your product, choose an activation key from the Unregistered Licenses section, and copy the activation key.
  7. If you cannot find an activation key in the Unregistered Licenses section, contact SolarWinds customer support.
  8. To the Activate window, and then enter the activation key in the Activation Key field.
  9. If you access Internet web sites through a proxy server, click I access the internet through a proxy server, and enter the proxy address and port.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Enter your email address and other registration information, and click Next.

To license the software on a server without Internet access:

  1. Click Enter Licensing Information.
  2. Select This server does not have internet access, and click Next.
  3. Click Copy Unique Machine ID.
  4. Paste the copied data into a text editor document.
  5. Transfer the document to a computer with Internet access.
  6. On the computer with Internet access, complete the following steps:
  7. Browse to and log in to the portal with your SolarWinds customer ID and password.
  8. Navigate to your product, and click Manually Register License.
  9. If the Manually Register License option is not available for your product, contact SolarWinds customer support.
  10. Provide the Machine ID from Step 5, and download your license key file.
  11. Transfer the license key file to the server.
  12. Return to the Activate IPAM window, browse to the license key file, and click Next.
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