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Manually configure IP SLA (UDP Jitter) operation on VoIP devices

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This article provides steps to manually configure your VoIP devices for the IP SLA operations that VoIP Monitor uses to monitor your VoIP network.


  • All VNQM versions
  • All IP SLA Manager versions


Note: All commands are entered on the command line, with the device in enable mode.

  1. Log in to the device that you want to configure.
  2. Enter enable mode on your VoIP device.
    For example, Router> enable
  3. Enter configure terminal
    For example, Router# configure terminal
  4. Enter ip sla monitor OperationNumber.
    For example, Router(config)# ip sla monitor OperationNumber
  5. Enter jitter dest-ipaddr DestinationIPAddress dest-port 17000 codec Codecadvantage-factor 0.
    For example, Router(config-sla)# jitter dest-ipaddr DestinationIPAddressdest-port 17000 codec G711ULAW advantage-factor 0
  6. Enter tos 184.
    For example, Router(config-sla-jitter)# tos 184
  7. Enter exit.
  8. Enter ip sla monitor schedule OperationNumber life forever start-time now.
    For example, Router(config)# ip sla monitor schedule OperationNumber life forever start-time now
  9. Enter ip sla monitor responder.
    For example, Router(config)# ip sla monitor responder
    Note: This command ip sla monitor responder needs to be executed only once per device.
  10. Enter exit.


  • Required variables given in these instructions should be set as follows:
    • OperationNumber should be a number that uniquely defines a destination for a given source site. If you do not have any IP SLA operations configured on the device, start with 1, and then increment the operation number for each new IP SLA operation added to the same device.
    • Codec should be either g711ulaw, g711alaw, or g729a, depending on the codec you have configured for your network. For more information about codecs, see Jitter in the SolarWinds Orion VoIP Monitor Administrator Guide.
    • DestinationIPAddress should be the IP Address of the desired IP SLA Responder (or Site)
  • If you are configuring IP SLA operations on multiple devices at the same time, SolarWinds Cirrus Configuration Manager can simplify the process by automating configuration. For more information, see "Using Cirrus Configuration Manager to Configure IP SLA Operations" in the SolarWinds Orion VoIP Monitor Administrator Guide.



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10:06, 19 Jul 2017