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VMAN - Does VMAN support importing 3rd party certificate in .pfx format

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This article will provide answer if VMAN supports importing of 3rd party certificate in .pfx format and recommendation on how to accomplish this.


WARNING: make sure to set customer's expectation that Solarwinds Technical Support does not support applying of 3rd party certificate on VMAN.


  • VMAN 6.3.x


Before anything else. I MUST REITERRATE that adding or importing a 3rd party certificate is beyond Solarwinds Technical support. This is well specified on the provided MT article.

Having that said. Keytool does not support certificate in .pfx format. You will need to export the CA cert (chain certificate) from the .pfx certificate that was provided to you.

There are two ways on how you can do this:


One. You can request to your 3rd party Certificate provider a certificate in CA cert format. This will have a .cer extension and if you open the certificate. The certificate must contain the end-user certificate (the one that you bought from your 3rd party certificate provider), the intermediate certificates, and the root certificate.

Two. You can extract the CA cert (certificate chain) using the OpenSSL tool. There is a windows version of the OpenSSL tool you can download for free. Once you have the OpenSSL tool setup. Run the command below:

openssl pkcs12 -in <name of the cert>.pfx -cacerts -out <name of the cert>.cer

Once you have the CA cert (.cer) you may now proceed on step 15 of 'Add a certificate from a certificate authority' on the MT article that was provided to you.

If you encounter further issue with your 3rd party certificate. Consult your 3rd party certificate provided about the certificate issue.




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