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Web Console crashes when trying to access a node

Created by Norbert Skurzewski, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 18, 2017

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The Web Console loads to a certain point and then freezes/crashes when trying to access a node.


NPM 11.5.3 and earlier


The resource crashes the Web Console, causing the web browser window to freeze .


  1. Access the page that crashes and stop loading it once you see the "Customize Page" button on the right.
  2. Check what resources are there and how many. 
    Note: Sometimes the cause of this issue is too many resources on one page, then create new pages in left navigation and move the resources there. Instructions here.
  3. If the number of resources is small (five or six), try creating new tab, separate them out and submit.
    Note: This will be a trial and error process but will lead you to the resource which causes your Web Console to crash.
  4. Once you locate this resource, you can remove it.

Note: Contact SolarWinds Technical Support if you wish create a ticket to inform us that the resource crashes.

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