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Unexpected exception problem during upgrade due to Bootstrapper.exe


The following error appears during NPM upgrade:

Unexpected Exception Problem During Upgrade due to Bootstrapper.exe

This is normally observed during the extraction of the installer file. The error that you may get is something like;

Unable to write to disk. BootStrapper.exe can’t proceed with setup wizard installation. This could be due to profile security settings, registry, etc.(c:\users\administrators\appdata\local\temp\3\sworionsetup\BootStrapper.exe)

The error may also appear as:



All NPM versions



Make sure that UAC is not active:
Navigate to the temp file of the previously extracted file and delete the “SolarWinds” and "sworionsetup" folder before you run the installer file again (Run as Administrator).
Note: It is expected that you will experience problem deleting the folder. Make sure that there are no relevant processes running. You may double check from the Windows Task Manager.

If you encounter another issue that says the said feature of Orion is already installed, even if it isn't upon checking in Programs and Features.

This means that certain part of the registry has recognized the newer version even when the upgrade failed to complete. You may validate this by checking the OrionInstaller.log, the following (or similar) appears:


If you search for the string value "Found related, you may get the following result:

[Found related product "SolarWinds Active Diagnostics" v1.0.0.65 already installed]


If you try to search this through the registry, the location is commonly located at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\"Random alpha numeric folder"


Perform the following steps to resolve this issue:


Single instance of Found related product

  1. Uninstall from the Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. Manually search the string value from the registry and delete the matching alpha numeric folder.
  3. Re-run the installer file for the upgrade.


Multiple instances of Found related product

List all of the products and manually remove them using the Microsoft Uninstall Utility.

Note: Uninstalling the application from Programs and Features may fail or cause another problem. Using the MS tool will take care of the removal of its contents from the registry.


  1. Download and run the Program Install and Uninstall tool from Microsoft.
  2. You are given the option to run it now or save it before running.
  3. Select Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply.
  4. Select Uninstalling.
  5. Select the SolarWinds application you wish to uninstall. For example, SolarWinds Active Diagnostics
  6. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions and repeat the same steps for the other reported Found related products until all of them are clear from the Programs and Features.
  7. Run the installer file again to continue with the upgrade and double check Programs and Features afterwards if the expected version of each Orion components is updated.


  • UAC is active or the user requires elevation to run the installer file.
  • Certain components of Orion is corrupted. For example, a user attempted to run the upgrade but canceled it in the middle of the process.


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