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Troubleshooting an unexplained high ping time

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Created by William Muhle, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 18, 2017

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There are cases where it appears that there's a high latency or packet loss from the Orion server. This can often times result in the thought that Orion itself is causing these issues, or that the software is misrepresenting the correct information. This article describes how to check if it is actually an issue with ARP.


All versions of NPM


  1. Identify the destination hosts that have a large ICMP latency.
  2. Run a continuous ping to one of the hosts having the same issue.


  • When there is large delay and packet loss, identify that the first several packets are Reply from Destination Host Unreachable [Symptom - The ip address that is displayed here is not the same as the ip address you pinged]
  • is the local host that runs the ping.
  • The message means the local host does not know how to send packet to the destination host.
  • If the destination is in the same subnet, it is related to ARP, which controls the mapping from destination IP address to MAC address.
  • If the destination is not in the same subnet, it is routing issue, which controls the next hop to forward the packets to.

  3.  Check the subnet mask of the host and destination host


  • Both of them have a mask of  size 24, which means they are in the same subnet. This leads us to focus on ARP.


To verify the cause of the problem:

  1. Check the ARP cache table on host using the command arp -a.


When the ARP cache entry for is present in the ARP table, the ping should have no issues.

  2.  Delete the ARP entries for


The ping should show large delays and packet loss. The behavior is the same when Orion is running or not. After a while, the ARP entry will show in the table again, and the ping will work fine again. This verifies that the ICMP issue is caused by the ARP cache management at the host. 


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