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Syslog Viewier Timeout adjustments

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Created by Zaquan Henry, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 18, 2017

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This article provides steps to adjust the page timeout value. 



NPM version 11.5.2


If you can use SQL search queries into the database manager and also see the syslog messages, than they are being received but having issues being displayed in the view.


1. Create a backup of SWNetperfMon.db.

2. Edit the SWNetperfMon.db file. Change the connection and command  timeout to 360. The file is located in 

C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\SWNetperfMon.db.


    !    SqlCommand.CommandTimeout in seconds


You can also adjust the syslog page view timeout:

1. Open the database manager on you Orion NPM server.

2. Expand your NPM database.

3. Query the table WebUserSettings.  Right-click to query table.

4. Click Execute query.

5. Within the table should be 3 column headings: 

  • AccountID
  • SettingName
  • SettingValue 

Find the account name/ID of the user that is experiencing the issue. Scroll down to the row that applies to the user and that contains the name Web-SyslogMaxMsgPerPage.

6. Select Enable table editing in the top of the viewer.

7. Change the SettingValue in this row to a higher or lower number. For example, 100 - 1000.

8. Click Return.






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