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Some Scopes Could Not be Added Because They do Not Fit Cleanly Into the Available Subnet Space

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Created by Con Finucane, last modified by Jessica Solis on Dec 18, 2017

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When trying to add a DHCP scope to IPAM, the following error message is received:


Some scopes could not be added because they do not fit cleanly into the available subnet space.


All IPAM versions


The subnets have been added and need to be investigated.



  • Consult your System Administrator before performing the following procedure.
  • SolarWinds strongly recommends that you only edit the IPAM.BusinessLayer.log file as instructed. Any additional modifications may result in system performance issues or may create an error state.
  • Save a copy of the original IPAM.BusinessLayer.log file to your local drive as a backup file, in case you need to roll back later.
  1. Check the IPAM logs at :\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\IPAM\IPAM.BusinessLayer.log.
  2. Go to Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager > Add Default Server.

  3. Expand the Solarwinds Database (default) SolarWindsOrion.

  4. Select IPAM_Group table.

  5. Right-click Query Table.

  6. Check the Address Column for IP address that overlap with the scope.

  7. Select *  FROM [dbo].[IPAM_Group] where address like %IPAddress%. 

  8. Insert the IP address you prefer in IPAddress.

  9. Save and close.

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