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When Using STM with Solaris 10, not all volumes are listed

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 13, 2017

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When using Solaris 10 servers with STM agents installed, all of the volumes are not listed. This is a known issue with Solaris 10.

To work around this issue:

  1. Create a backup of the mod.sys.strg.Storage.xml file. See Note below for the file location.
  2. In the mod.sys.strg.Storage.xml file, comment out the following line:
  3. Restart the STM Agent services using the /usr/bin/storage_manager_agent restart command.

The volumes should now be listed.

: The mod.sys.strg.Storage.xml file is located in the /opt/Storage_Manager_Agent/systemic/mod.sys.strg.Storage_1.0 folder. The default Storage Manager Agent installation directory is /opt. If you have installed in a non-default location, you can find the file in the /STM Agent Installation location/Storage_Manager_Agent/systemic/mod.sys.strg.Storage_1.0 folder.

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