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Update installs repeatedly

Created by Justin Rouviere, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 13, 2017

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Every time a client machine checks in with WSUS, the application/patch/update attempts to install again.


All Patch Manager versions


The ultimate cause is with the installed rules in the package. In rare instances with a package from the catalog the rules may not apply correctly and the package will need to be deleted, synchronized again and published new to WSUS.

For a custom package, you will want to verify that the information you have specified in the Installed Rule is on the client machine once the application is installed.


Delete the update from WSUS:

  1. Expand Enterprise > Update Services > <Your WSUS Server> > Updates.
  2. Select Third Party Updates.
  3. Select the update in question.
  4. Right click and Decline the update.
  5. Right click and Delete the update.


Delete the Package from Patch Manager:

  1. Expand Administration and Reporting.
  2. Expand Software Publishing.
  3. Select the Packages folder where the package is located (for example:  Sun Packages for Java updates).
  4. Select the Package in question.
  5. Right click and select Delete.
  6. Select Software Publishing from the left naviagtion pane.
  7. In the Actions pane on the right side select Synchronize Now to re-synchronize the package.
  8. Once the Package is available in the Packages view again re-publish the package.
  9. Approve the package for deployment and have the computer check for updates again.


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