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Unable to Create a Serv-U Event

Updated August 


When you want to add an event in Serv-U using your own administrator account, you receive the following error message:

This account cannot be edited because domain administrators may not edit user accounts with equal or higher administration privileges.


All supported versions of Serv-U MFT 


A Domain Administrator can only perform administrative duties for the domain to which their account belongs. A Domain Administrator is also restricted from performing domain-related activities that may affect other domains.

The domain-related activities that may not be performed by Domain Administrators consist of:

  • Configuring their domain listeners
  • Configuring or administering LDAP groups
  • Configuring ODBC database access for the domain


Perform any of the following:

  • Elevate the account to System Administrator.
  • Create a new user with System Administrator privileges. Click Wizard on the Users page to open the New User Wizard. The New User Wizard walks you through the four steps required to create a user account with the minimum number of required attributes. After it is created, you can edit the user account to configure more advanced settings, such as group membership or additional directory access rules.

For more information about using the New User Wizard, see the Quick start guide.



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