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Home > Success Center > Archive > 2017December13 - Deletes > The file '/orion/apm/resources/sqlblackbox/databaseavailability.ascx' does not exist

The file '/orion/apm/resources/sqlblackbox/databaseavailability.ascx' does not exist

Created by Robert Stidman, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 13, 2017

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The following error appears when editing reports with SAM resources:
The file '/orion/apm/resources/sqlblackbox/databaseavailability.ascx' does not exist.


SAM 6.0 or later


One of the report definitions contains a resource file used by older versions of SAM.


As it is not possible to edit the report via Web Console, it needs to be edited directly in the database.

  1. Locate the problem report in the ReportDefinitions table.
    Edit the Definition column for the report as such.

  2. Replace /Orion/APM/Resources/SqlBlackBox/DatabaseAvailability.ascx 

Note: Do not change any other part of the report definition.


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