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Clear Threshold Values stuck in Components

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Created by Robert Stidman, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 13, 2017

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In some cases, a SAM template is assigned to many nodes, and at the application level some of the components will have been manually use static thresholds or to calculate baseline.  Whatever value the components get for the baseline becomes "stuck" if the baseline calc setting is removed at the template level.  This article aims to help people clear the integer values that get put in place for the baselines.


  • All SAM versions


1.  You must know the template ID number of the template you wish to do this for.  The query below is for one template at a time.  Engage the customer's DBA to run it.

2.  The DBA must back up the Orion database before the run the query below


delete from APM_Threshold
from APM_Threshold t2
inner join APM_Component c on c.ID = t2.ID
inner join APM_Application a on c.ApplicationID = a.ID
where t2.IsTemplate = 0 and a.TemplateID = ***put template id number here***


remove the ***'s from the above and execute the query.


After that customer should load the applications and look at "edit application" - all components should have blank threshold values.



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