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Home > Success Center > Archive > 2017December12 - Deletes > WPM monitors stop reporting for any third-party application

WPM monitors stop reporting for any third-party application

Created by Erica Gill, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 12, 2017

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This article describes a scenario where WPM Monitors stop reporting suddenly. In this scenario, any third-party application interfacing with WPM to manage or unmanage transactions must be verified.


WPM 2.2 and earlier


Third-party applications interfacing with WPM to manage or unmanage transactions may be incorrectly configured or may not be correctly managing or unmanaging transactions.


  1. Determine the time of the issue.
  2. Observe any historical events on Transactions at or before this time. 
  3. Determine if there are multiple manage and unmanage actions overlapping with multiple manage tasks taking place before a unmanage or multiple unmanage tasks before a single manage task. If there are any, this indicates that there is a conflict in the arrangement of tasks.
  4. Identify the source of the manage/unmanage events and test if the issue occurs when these are disabled.
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