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License Manager Tool v3.0.0.910

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Created by Debra Ondrusek, last modified by Jessica Solis on Dec 12, 2017

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Customers that are able to run the License Manager Tool on their system will NOW have the ability to process an OFFLINE DEACTIVATION via the new updated License Manager Tool v3.0.0.910 

I have attached the KB article that will be live come Monday, that shows how the process will work.  The video is in the Shared folder to view at any time.


Going forward, CSR’s will assist the customer in utilizing the License Manager Tool to deactivate the license themselves and only process NetSuite resets when the system is crashed/dead/re-built.

We want the customers to be able to use the License Manager by themselves, making our licensing system easier for them to use anytime.

I have created a License Manager Tool Template that CS will send out for License Resets requests.

Going forward this will be our License Reset template to utilize for any .NET license that runs on the License Manager Tool.  If the customer responds back with the system being gone, then CSR will process a NS reset.

This new procedure will work with all customers, even the military.

The customer can also process all the resets for that system at one time via the License file, no more individual resets.

Our License server system will now show that registration as being deactivated and in the DameWare Installation History will show that system as Parked.

For DameWare customers, the License Reset button has been moved but it is still available. It is now structured to ensure that customers first try to de-activate before trying to reset. 

We want the customers to process the deactivation first before using the License Reset button in CP.  This License Reset button option should be for any machine that is no longer available. Even if the License reset option is blank, the customer should still process the deactivation via the new License Manager tool before CS does the Ns reset for them.


Email Template



Thank you for contacting SolarWinds Customer Service.

You are now able to reset your license within your customer portal with the new updated License Manager tool v3.0.0.910

The License Manager Tool link is provided below, please update to the latest version and you will be able to create a license reset file that can be uploaded to your customer portal.  

Once the file is uploaded, your license/s will show as unregistered in your portal and will allow you to register the product.

Ensure the latest version of license Manager is installed by downloading the following link and running the license manager installer.

Please let us know if you should have any questions or need further assistance.

If you have any feedback (positive or negative) as to the way your query was handled, we invite you to send your comments to

Kind Regards,



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