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Critical Transaction

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Created by Giane Ira, last modified by Kevin.Swinson on Dec 12, 2017

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This article provides explanation and configuration why the transaction is on Critical level.


All versions of WPM 


The default threshold timing values for a transaction are based on the step

timings measured when a recording was saved:

l Typical Value: the initial step timing.
l Warning: Twice the initial step timing.
l Critical: Four times the initial step timing.

The Warning and Critical thresholds are used to trigger alerts. The Typical Value
is plotted as a benchmark on resource charts that you can use to compare with
actual timings.

Editing thresholds:

You can change the default values if required.
1. From the Home tab, navigate to Home.
2. Click a transaction in the All Transactions group.
3. Click Edit on the Management line.

The Edit Transaction Monitor page is displayed, where you can edit the




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