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Troubleshoot FS Logga Setup for NetApp

Updated November 22, 2018


This article provides troubleshooting steps to resolve issues that occur when configuring FS Logga for NetApp.


  • Access Rights Manager


  1. Confirm if the dedicated collector server is in the NetApp domain.
  2. Check if group memberships are set correctly:
    1. The computer account of the collector server is a member of the group "Backup Operators" on NetApp
    2. The user account with which Logga is operated is a member of the group "Power Users" on NetApp. 
  3. Verify that the local security policy is set correctly on the collector server:
    1. Network access: Enable the use of Everyone permissions for anonymous users.
    2. Network access: Named pipes that can be accessed anonymously: ntapfprq_<DNS name of netapp>
  4. Check if NetApp runs a supported operating system.
  5. Check the FPolicy settings. Open the command prompt on NetApp:
    1. Type: fpolicy show <name of policy>
      1. Policytype = screen
      2. Policy = enabled
    2. Type: fpolicy options <PolicyName> cifs_setattr
      1. Value = on
    3. Name of FPolicy is the same as the name of the dedicated collector server in pnTracer.config.xml in the folder C:\Program Files\...\8MAN\etc
  6. Check the DNS settings
    1. On the collector server: nslookup <DNS name of NetApp>
    2. On NetApp: nslookup <collector server DNS name>
  7. Check the log files
    1. Collector server under folder C:\ProgramData\\8MAN\log\: pnTracer # <PID> .log
    2. For NetApp, connect via UNC path to \\<name of NetApp>\C$\etc\log and read the file "messages"
      1. FPolicy: File policy server <IP_ADDRESS> registered for the policy which is an invalid name.
        Typically, this is not the source of the error, but a consequence. Search above.
      2. NBT: Cannot connect to server <IP_ADDRESS> over NBSS socket for port 139. Session setup error. Error 0x82: Called name not present.
        Disable NetBIOS over TCP on the network adapter of the collector server.


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