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Set available attributes for "Change personal information" in web client

Updated October 9, 2018


This article details how to change the number of attributes displayed in Access Rights Manager, depending on the user role.


  • Access Rights Manager


For the function "Change personal information" - which is available in the cockpit, as well as some analysis and act scenarios - the ARM loads a standard set of attributes. The standard set is the same for all roles.


The available attributes can be adjusted individually for each ARM user role. The changes are applied without the need to restart the ARM service.

  1. Open the directory folder %programdata%\\ARM\cfg
  2. Open the file pnserver.config.xml
  3. Edit the following line sections:
  4. Specify the role the configuration should apply to. The following roles are available:
    1. For ARM roles

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.Administrator

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.JuniorAdministrator

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.DataOwner0

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.DataOwner1

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.DataOwner2

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.DataOwner3

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.DataOwner4

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.Read

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.Requester

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.Manager

    2. For Self Service in the cockpit: "Change my personal information"

      • WebClient.Cockpit.ChangeAttributes.SelfService

  5. List the attributes to be made available to the role. You can only load attributes that are included in the AD scan.

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